Technology in the field of negative electrodes production – anode for rechargeable Li-ion batteries

source: Alper Güneren

The technology modifies the surface of the anode of the Li-ion battery with a thin layer of ZnO applied by the technology deposition by atomic layers. The ZnO layer limits the excessive growth of the passivation layer at the interface anode and liquid electrolyte and increases the battery capacity several times during fast charging and discharging.

Competitive advantage

  • the increased service life of the Li-ion battery during fast charging and discharging
  • elimination of the problem of reducing the battery capacity of electric cars
  • limiting the excessive growth of the “SEI layer” passivation layer due to intensive charging/discharging of the battery
  • creation of an artificial layer based on ZnO films

Use of technology

  • The technology can be used in energy storage, especially in the automotive industry. As part of electromobility (cars, bicycles, scooters), it will ensure fast and efficient charging of the battery while maintaining the total capacity and eliminating the drop in battery capacity.

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent application: SK, PCT