This section is intended for employees of SAS organizations.

In this section you can inform your employer about the creation of an invention or a result that you consider to meet the conditions set by law for any of the objects of the industrial property (IP) or you assume its possible commercial use.

TTO SAS is authorized on behalf of the SAS organization to receive, register and further process the notification of creation of the IP object, including the annexes.

In the “download” section you can find documents from the field of intellectual property and technology transfer, as well as the SAS Principles.

The answers to frequently asked questions and links to databases are in the “FAQ” section.

TTO SAS represents for you as well as for the SAS organizations the contact/informative point at SAS for the field of protection of industrial property of SAS organizations and commercialization of industrial property objects.


Services of TTO SAS are provided for free for SAS organizations.


in the field of industrial property protection:

  • providing information in the field of industrial property protection;
  • consultancy in provision of protection of industrial property;
  • comprehensive support in the process of obtaining protection of industrial property;
  • co-operation in the preparation of patent applications and utility model applications;
  • comprehensive monitoring of individual actions in the protection of industrial property (including monitoring of important legal and other deadlines) and taking measures for optimal and effective protection of industrial property;
  • management services in the field of protection of industrial property;
  • administration of industrial property (administrative assistance to inventors and directors of SAS organizations);
  • provision of patent searches for the state of the art (through the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic and / or the PATLIB Centre located in the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information and / or in-house);
  • internal education of employees of SAS organizations.

in the field of industrial property commercialization:

  • preparation of assignments for databases of technological offers;
  • creation of a marketing brief;
  • assistance with marketing activities;
  • analysis of the market potential of IP object with the identification of segments of potential applications;
  • identifying and addressing potential interested parties in license acquirement and initiating preliminary meeting;
  • arranging B2B meetings;
  • negotiations on cooperation in the use of the IP object;
  • provision of negotiations, preparation of license and other agreements between SAS organizations and third parties, the aim of which is the use and financial valuation of the IP object;
  • cooperation on popularization articles;
  • cooperation with the Department for Communication and Media and other organizational units of the Office of SAS;
  • and further steps towards the transfer of the IP object into practice or to cooperation.

    We are here for you, from the idea to the realization and implementation into practice.