Step 1 of Notification of creation of a solution

Basic info

If you have created a result within the framework fulfilling tasks from the employment relationship with the SAS organization, which you consider or you should assume in the light of your experience, that it meets the legal conditions for any of the IP objects, or you anticipate its possible commercial use, you are obliged to notify the employer in writing immediately after its creation.

To notify the employer, follow these steps:

Step 1 of notification of creation of a solution

  • Prepare in writing the document Description of the industrial property object, in which you describe the technical problem and its solution, as well as the origin and essence of the IP object enough for an expert to carry out the IP object on the basis of this description.
  • Print the document and sign it. For security reasons, you do not send it electronically anywhere at this stage.

Step 2 of notification of creation of a solution

  • Fill in the electronic form Notification of creation of an object of industrial rights. After filling in the form and sending it electronically, the system will automatically generate the text of the notification (in RTF format) and deliver it to the email boxes of the inventor, the director of his employer at SAS and the head of TTO SAS.
  • Print the generated notification that you receive in your email box and sign it.
  • Deliver the signed notification together with the signed description and attachments in person / by post to the TTO SAS (Office of SAS).
  • Please contact us in the case of any questions.
  Procedure for notifying the creation of a subject of industrial rights