Powerful composite sorbent

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A unique effective composite sorbent for removing contaminants from water. The advantage of the composite sorbent is that it uses microfibrous porous carbon carriers, which is a cheap and available precursor for the formation of the materials that retain a fibrous structure and allow the molecules of the active substance to be suitably placed on their surface and thus increase efficiency, rate and quantity of contaminant capture.

Competitive advantage

  • high removal efficiency of heavy metals: arsenic 97,8%, antimony 97,6%, chromium 96,4%, cadmium 88,9%, lead >98,9%;
  • lower resistance to water flow (no pressure needs to be applied during filtration);
  • low price achieved by using input raw materials from plant wastes;
  • up to 163% more effective than commercial products, according to the contaminant type.

Use of technology

  • wide use in the removal of contaminants, especially heavy metals, in the treatment of groundwater and surface water, in the production of drinking water and in the treatment of industrial wastewater generated in many plants, for example in the treatment of rinsing wastewater from electroplating and chemical surface treatment of metals.

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