Multilayer ribbons based on metal alloys

Photo: archive of inventors/Institute of Physics SAS

Technology of preparation of multilayer ribbons based on metal alloys, ensuring a perfect connection between individual layers of materials.

Competitive advantage

  • multilayer ribbons or sheets with perfect connection between layers and enhanced thickness of 20 to 200 micrometers;
  • practically unlimited length of layers;
  • allows connection of layers of materials otherwise difficult to join;
  • new physical, functional and technical properties achieved through the connection of various materials;
  • single technological operation with modest energy consumption;
  • production speed between 25 – 50 m/s.

Use of technology

  • invention applicable mainly in the field of actuators and sensors of physical quantities;
  • multilayer ribbons suitable mainly for monitoring of temperature, magnetic field and mechanical deformation;
  • commercial application in electrical engineering, medical, automotive and chemical industries.

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Granted patent: (SK)