Method of production of recombinant hyperthermostable catalase-peroxidase AfKatG

Photo: Mgr. Lenka Levarská, PhD.

An innovative method of production of recombinant hyperthermostable catalase – peroxidase AfKatG from Archaeoglobus fulgidus (with the ability to catalyze the efficient degradation of hydrogen peroxide under various conditions, including extremely high temperatures).

Competitive advantage

  • cheap production and high yield;
  • simple and straightforward purification;
  • high purity product;
  • hyperthermostable enzyme;
  • suitable for large scale production;
  • ecological production method.

Use of technology

  • in processes where the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide as a by-product is desired;
  • in biocatalytic conversions of aromatic substances;
  • in protection against oxidative stress.

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent application: (SK)