Method of preparation of manganite La-Sr-Mn-O layers

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The technology represents a method of preparation of stable manganite LSMO layers with an increased onset temperature of transition to the ferromagnetic state TCON of up to ≥ 400K, thus above 370K, which corresponds to the value for bulk material. The method makes it possible to prepare up to 150 nm thick thin layers without the use of passivation of their surface, which is necessary in the case of very thin unstable layers developed so far.

Competitive advantage

  • LSMO layers prepared by the present process show a significantly higher metal-insulator transition temperature than bulk LSMO, and at the same time they show the onset of the temperature transition to the ferromagnetic state above 370 K;
  • in the present process, the step of passivation of the surface of the thin layers is not necessary (necessary for very thin unstable layers developed so far).

Use of technology

  • in the field of sensors, e.g. uncooled bolometric detectors, magnetic field sensors, magnetic recorders, etc.

Protection of intellectual property

  • Granted patent: (SK)