Honey preparation for the local treatment of wounds

Photo: illustrative/pixabay.com

Innovative honey preparation with ascorbic acid, intended for medical use. The addition of ascorbic acid increased its antibacterial and antibiofilm activity. In addition to potentiating the antibacterial activity of honey, ascorbic acid stabilizes biologically active substances of the peptide / protein type against undesired degradation or aggregation during the sterilization process by ionizing radiation.

Competitive advantage

  • increase in antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of honeys, which are planned, or they are already used in clinical practice and may be honey of different botanical and geographical origins;
  • stabilization of antibacterial components of honey (bee antibacterial/antibiofilm peptid) also during the process of sterilization of honey using ionizing radiation.

Use of technology

  • in wound healing management and ophthalmology, but also wherever it is necessary to eliminate bacterial infection locally.

Protection of intellectual property

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