Four-bounce X-ray monochromator for high-resolution X-ray diffraction

A new type of four-bounce X-ray monochromator with high transmittance of the Kα1 radiation component for high-resolution angle-dispersive X-ray analysis (high-resolution X-ray diffraction), which reliably filters the Kα2 radiation component in addition to the Kβ component.

The four-bounce X-ray monochromator comprises two monolithic channel-cut monochromators from the same material (germanium single crystal or silicon single crystal) which are adapted to use two different difraction crystallographic planes (111) and (220), and where the second monolithic channel-cut monochromator is rotated relative to the first monochromator by an angle equal to the difference of the Bragg angles of the diffraction crystallographic planes (220) and (111).

Competitive advantage

  • higher transmittance for high-resolution X-ray diffraction compared to Bartels monochromator, while effectively suppressing the Kα2 component and maintaining the original direction of propagation of the X-ray beam.

Use of technology

  • high-resolution X-ray diffraction measurements, where the main requirement is a high output intensity of the X-ray beam rather than maximum resolution. This is a common case of measuring nanostructures for various applications in (opto)electronics, spintronics, sensors, biomedicine, etc.

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