A compound refractive lenses and method for their production

A new type of compound refractive lenses (CRL) designed for collimation or focusing of X-rays and a method for their production using an innovative nano-machining technology with a monocrystalline diamond tool.

Competitive advantage

  • possibility of manufacturing of the entire array of lenses in one technological process;
  • possibility of manufacturing not only cylindrical but also 3D surfaces;
  • relatively short manufacturing time;
  • achievement of high shape accuracy, low surface roughness and minimal subsurface defects of the active surfaces of refractive lenses.

Use of technology

  • in the manufacture of X-ray refractive lenses and composite refractive lenses for focusing or collimating X-rays. Focused X-rays can be used for example for structural analysis of various materials or for submicron resolution imaging, such as micro-tomography, ptychography, high-resolution crystallography, high-resolution coherent diffraction imaging, and others. and/or

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent application: (SK)