Method for determination of content of hydrophobic compounds in water-miscible organic liquids

Photo: RNDr. Marián Sedlák, DrSc

An innovative method for determination of the content of hydrophobic impurities in organic liquids using laser light scattering. The method is based on mixing the examined organic liquid with water in a certain ratio, which leads to segregation of hydrophobic substances contained in the organic liquid into nanoparticles (with size of the order of 100 nm), whose number concentration, size and density correlate with the content of hydrophobic substances in organic liquids.

Competitive advantage

  • low costs for the production of the measuring equipment based on laser light scattering, mainly due to the availability of increasingly cheaper semiconductor lasers and detectors;
  • compactness/field usability;
  • low reagent costs since the reagent is water.

Use of technology

  • determination of purity of organic liquids used in the food, health and chemical industries, where the purity of these liquids is one of the most important factors.

Protection of intellectual property

  • Granted patents: (SK 1) (SK 2)
  • Patent application: (EP)