Method and tool for machining of inner walls of channels in fragile materials

Photo: RNDr. Dušan Korytár, CSc

Technology of nano-machining of inner walls of X-ray monochromator channels (prepared from mono-crystals such as Ge, Si, GaAs, InP, etc.) on a nano-machining center, using a tool of circular (disc) shape in which a diamond mono-crystal is mounted.

Competitive advantage

  • achievement of significantly higher shape accuracy (flatness of inner walls of the monochromator);
  • achievement of low surface roughness (below 5 nm rms);
  • achievement of minimal subsurface disturbance of the crystal lattice (for a possible re-polishing, a quarter of the time of chemical re-polishing is sufficient compared to the stochastic method);
  • in the case of a solution with two diamond tips, achievement of extreme parallelism of inner walls of the channel, unachievable by other methods.

Use of technology

  • for the production of X-ray channel monochromators;
  • other possible applications are in the field of ultra-precision machining in confined channel-type spaces in precision and fine mechanics, microfluidics and optics.

Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent application: (SK)