Magnetoelastic deformation sensor

Photo: Peter Švec

The magnetoelastic deformation sensor uses a special material – a multilayer ribbon/composite – prepared by rapidly cooling the melt with specific magnetoelastic properties. This material connects the scanned points and, in conjunction with the coil, allows the sensing of change of their mutual position.

Competitive advantage

  • significantly lower price compared to currently used deformation sensors;
  • resistance to external effects (corrosion, humidity, mechanical and electromagnetic effects);
  • high strength;
  • ability to customize the length of the ribbon within the monitored points;
  • accuracy comparable to currently used deformation sensors;
  • sensitivity, linearity, range of deformations;
  • possibility of configuration for measurements in junctions, possibility of networking;
  • possibility of combining the sensors in two or three directions (2D or 3D scanning of deformations) for use in soil mechanics.

Use of technology

  • technology applicable in a number of areas including civil engineering, traffic, geotechnics, hydrology and soil mechanics and other fields (e.g. placement of buildings in a terrain with unstable geological features).

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Granted patent: (SK)