DEZICOM® − novel composite material for bioresorbable implants

New type of metal matrix composite material (DeZiCom®) for biomedical implants comprising ultrafine-grained zinc (Zn) matrix stabilized with a small fraction of nontoxic nanometric zincite (ZnO) dispersoids.

Competitive advantage

  • possibility to manufacture implants with thin strut sections and complex shapes
  • the composite material is manufactured using feasible technological approach, which is easily to upscale at reasonable low production costs
  • the composite material Zn+ZnO MMC offers an exceptional stability of the mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength and ductility, desirable corrosion rate and uniform corrosion behavior, non-toxic biological response, and bacteriostatic effect during the anticipated service of biomedical device

Use of technology

  • The technology can be used in the field of biomedicine, specifically for the production of biomedical devices, etc.

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent application: EU
  • Registered Trademark