Antibacterial material with controllable antibacterial effect

Photo: illustrative/ Arseny Togulev

Unique nanocomposite material (polymer/carbon quantum dots) characterized by a controllable antibacterial effect that is activated by the action of blue light (conventional blue LED diode). After irradiation of this material with a conventional blue LED diode, singlet oxygen molecules are produced which effectively disrupt bacterial membranes in a short time.

Competitive advantage

  • lower production costs of the material compared to antibacterial agents based on silver or titanium;
  • insolubility of the material in water or biological fluids (urine, blood, sweat);
  • non-degradable, stable material over a long period of time;
  • controllable antibacterial activity of the material.

Use of technology

  • flooring material, coating, wall covering, window covering, flexible films for food packages, catheters, fibers for antibacterial sutures on body surface, fabrics and other applications where antibacterial activity is needed, mainly in medical applications and in industries such as food production and pharmaceutical production.

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Protection of intellectual property

  • Granted patents: (EP) (SK)