Amaranth variety ZOBOR

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The variety of the interspecific amaranth hybrid K-433 (Amaranthus hypochondriacus x Amaranthus hybridus) under the name ‘ZOBOR‘ is characterized by an increased production potential compared to existing varieties, while maintaining a high nutritional value.

Competitive advantage

  • resistant to many diseases;
  • tolerant to drought, salinity and high temperatures;
  • ability to grow on soils unsuitable for cereal crops;
  • high nutritional value of the seed;
  • low content of gluten-forming proteins – use in gluten-free foods;
  • high adaptability to altitude – from lowlands to marginal mountain areas.


  • in the food industry, in particular for the production of healthy and special foods for the health support of the population;
  • starch from Zobor can also be potentially used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Protection of intellectual property

  • Breeder’s certificate: (SK)