Amaranth variety PRIBINA

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The variety of Amaranthus cruentus L. under the name ‘PRIBINA‘ is a very promising crop for the future, mainly due to its valuable characteristics in combination with adaptation to a wide range of cultivation areas.

Competitive advantage

  • increased seed production potential while maintaining high nutritional value with a number of biologically valuable substances;
  • very high nutritional value with high protein content (16 ‐ 18%);
  • well‐balanced composition of essential amino acids;
  • high content of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus;
  • relatively high fiber content (5 ‐ 25%);
  • increased folate content;
  • tolerance to drought and to high temperatures;
  • possibility of cultivation also in arid and semiarid conditions;
  • ability to grow also in poorer soils that are not suitable for cereals;
  • high adaptability to altitude.


  • cultivation for seed with potential utilization in the food industry for the production of healthy and special foods for the health support of the population (e.g. for the production of gluten‐free cereal products needed for people suffering from celiac disease);
  • good possibilities for use also in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry thanks to uniquely small starch grains.

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