Special adhesives GRAVIPOL

Photo: archive of inventors/Polymer Institute SAS

GRAVIPOL is a group of adhesives developed in the laboratories of the Polymers Institute of the SAS. The aim is the application of these adhesives in special conditions.

Use of technology

  • GRAVIPOL ECO is an ecological adhesive based on aqueous polymer dispersion. After application to the bonded material, the adhesive forms a transparent self-adhesive coating.
  • GRAVIPOL ELECTRO is an ecological one-component water-dilutable electrically conductive sealant. For special purposes, it can be prepared on the basis of an organic solvent.
  • GRAVIPOL FLEX is a versatile two-component adhesive/sealant with increased flexibility at low temperatures and high bond strength for bonding of a wide variety of materials.
  • GRAVIPOL THERMO is a two-component sealant for bonding of a wide range of materials where long term stability of joint properties is required at elevated temperatures of up to 150 ° C.
  • GRAVIPOL UNI a GRAVIPOL UNI SHOCK are special one-component modeling (solution) adhesives.
  • GRAVIPOL POWER is a two-component adhesive specially developed for use in the construction of railway lines or in applications where joints need to withstand dynamic loads and vibrations. The adhesive is applied in a thin layer on both bonded surfaces.

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