A large capacity air purifier from pathogens in aerosols

Zdroj: Katarína Gáliková, František Simančík

A new method of air sterilization and a device that will allow to easily and reliably destroy or deactivate pathogens contained in the air in a large volume, without any unwanted effects on the environment with the presence of people and animals.

Competitive advantage

  • high flow capacity of the device with minimal energy requirements;
  • no need for an operator, it can work autonomously and continuously;
  • low noise level (below 40dB);
  • low requirements for regular operation maintenance;
  • without any filters or components with a limited lifespan, compared to purifiers using UV radiation or ozone;
  • does not cause overheating of the surrounding air, nor does it dry it out;
  • suitable for decontamination of premises from human coronaviruses (e. g. SARS-CoV-2).

Use of technology

  • in many areas where prevention of aerosol infection is necessary – in hospitals, schools, cinemas and theaters, gymnasiums, congress halls, and restaurants, but also in closed production areas with a significant movement of personnel or in transport (trains, planes, buses), etc.

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