Method of controlled alloying of intermetallic γ-TiAl alloys with carbon

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From a theoretical point of view, the present invention is based on a thermochemical reaction that takes place between the γ-TiAl melt and the graphite crucible during induction melting. From a practical point of view, the present invention is based on the development of a technological process for the induction melting of γ-TiAl alloys and the definition of the parameters of this process, which influence the thermochemical reaction between the melt and the graphite crucible.

Competitive advantage

  • lower production price of the product due to the use of graphite crucibles, which have an order of magnitude lower purchase price than Y2O3 crucibles;
  • lower purchase price of the melting furnace compared with induction skull melting;
  • higher superheating temperature of the melt enabling better fluidity when casting complex thin-walled castings;
  • low oxygen contamination during melting compared with ceramic crucibles;
  • controllable and reproducible alloying with carbon during melting and casting.

Use of technology

  • in the production of precise castings, e.g. turbocharger wheels for combustion engines, turbine blades or exhaust valves for combustion engines.

Protection of intellectual property

  • Patent application: (CZ)
  • Granted patent: (SK)