MEMS pressure sensor

Photo: Ing. Jaroslav Dzuba, PhD.

New construction of MEMS pressure sensors based on AlGaN / GaN HEMT circular transistors (sensing electronic elements) integrated on circular, ring and sequentially ring AlGaN / GaN membranes (sensing micromechanical structures). For sensing, the change in the charge generated in the AlGaN layer, which is directly proportional to the external dynamic excitation force, is preferably used. The sensing membrane of the piezoelectric MEMS pressure sensor can be scaled for different pressure ranges and thus the sensor can be adapted to the requirements of its application.

Competitive advantage

  • application in extreme conditions of high temperatures and in chemically aggressive environments;
  • excellent electronic and thermo-mechanical properties of the heterostructure enable the realization of MEMS pressure sensors based on remote wireless sensing in extreme conditions of high temperatures and highly corrosive environments;
  • longer sensor life compared to previous pressure sensors in extreme conditions, which results in financial savings;
  • simplified overall construction;
  • zjednodušená celková konštrukcia;
  • eextreme sensitivity of AlGaN to any changes in the static but mainly dynamic stress allows to sense and detect the pressure applied on the membrane initiated hydrodynamically, acoustically, or by acceleration.

Use of technology

  • in combustion engines in the process of fuel injection and fuel management;
  • in tire pressure checking;
  • in the vehicle rollover control and in the anti-skid system;
  • in the aviation industry in systems for monitoring and control of aircraft propulsion units;
  • in cutting machines using high-pressure water stream;
  • in food sterilization by high pressure.

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